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Post by Arturros17 Wed 10 Oct 2012, 19:07

Why You recomended This Pokerroom, I am waiting 1 month for Withdrawal!!!!

Chat InformationPlease wait for a site operator to respond.

Chat InformationYou are now chatting with 'Ana'

Ana: Welcome to Live help my name is Ana

Ana: Hi

Artur: hi

Artur: when I receive the cash

Ana: I will check your withdrawal

Ana: One moment please.

Ana: your withdrawal is in the processing system, sorry for the delay; unfortunately at the moment, due to the very high volume of cashouts, all players have to wait longer to receive their funds

Artur: how long it takes

Artur: 1 year?

Artur: You just cheating the players

Artur: I start inform players How You treat the players

Artur: Waist cash, my fold

Ana: no one is cheating you, all players will receive their cashouts, it's just a matter of time

Artur: This is shit nothing more,

Artur: do You payment for Your work?

Artur: The worst poker as I played!!!!!!!!!!

Ana: I'm sorry you feel this way. We are not happy with the situation either and we are doing our best to have it solved

Artur: Bye

Three of a Kind
Three of a Kind

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Post by Admin Wed 10 Oct 2012, 20:16

Write a complaint to LGA: or

The information being requested below is required for your complaint or enquiry to be processed. The information is required to identify you and support your claim.

To commence an investigation on your behalf we require the following information:

1) The website/operator/URL against whom you are lodging the complaint;
2) Your user name/alias on your login account;
3) The game which you were playing;
4) Date/s and Time/s of the incident/s;
5) A copy of the correspondence between the operator and yourself;
6) A short description of your claims;
7) Your contact details (Real Name, Email Address and a telephone number where to contact you).

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