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Hand Replayer
Graphically replay any number of hands. Possibility to replay specific sessions, entire tournaments or group of hands. Comes with a number of special features, such as:

• Automatic pot odds, outs, odds, best hand, pot size, etc.
• Possibility to change the current odds view to any player around the table.
• Authentic Overlay! Will display exactly the same overlay in the replayer as you had during play.
• Filter out any situation you like to analyze in your game, such as middle pair on the flop, flush draws, etc, and replay all these situations as a single session.
• Possibility to step through games, between games, specify speed, filter overlay statistics, and more.

Extended Graphs
A number of new graphs to view any statistics of choice. Can be used to analyze how a certain playing style affects the generated profit. You can for example print profit, saw flop % and aggression factor in the same graph and see how your winnings correlate with these parameters.

• Possibility to zoom in and replay a certain area of the graph.
• Possibility to adjust the graph by moving average.
• Possibility to groups hands.
• Possibility to filter graphs on a large number of criteria's.
• Will print the change of a specific statistic over time, such as preflop raise %, VPIP %, aggression, etc.


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